Forget the RTX 3070. Buy a Titan XP.

[WHY IS MOST OF MY BLOG MISSING?: You may have noticed that the vast majority of my blog posts have disappeared, leaving a sorry collection of six remaining out of the almost sixty I did have up. This is because ALL of my tech or 3D-related posts, with the sole exception of this one, representedContinue reading “Forget the RTX 3070. Buy a Titan XP.”

My Journey with 3D: Told through software

Fun Fact: There are more polygons in one of the window handles in the left image above than in the entire image on the right. Seeing as it’s now pretty much exactly 4 years since I first started exploring 3D as a field to go into, I thought it might be a good idea toContinue reading “My Journey with 3D: Told through software”

Modelling Tips: Painting the Past

This is a general tip list for 3D production and assumes the artist has at least a basic grasp of post-production. We’ve all done it at one time or another; scoured a search engine or Pinterest for hours on end, drooling over some of the 3D art some fantastic person or the other has postedContinue reading “Modelling Tips: Painting the Past”

Modelling Tips: Designing Fictional Architecture

When I was still learning to 3D model to any kind of standard (a few years ago now), I designed and built a large Mid-Victorian factory for practice. It remains my proudest piece of work to this day; so much so I gave it a full video animation, which may be viewed here. The aim withContinue reading “Modelling Tips: Designing Fictional Architecture”

3D Modelling for Edwardian Design

The Edwardian period in Great Britain is generally well known for its decadence; be it in technology, art, entertainment or even in war machines. Architecture wasn’t forgotten about either, and the period saw an interesting transition from the embellishment so familiar of Victorian opulence, to the increasingly pragmatic, forward-looking designs of a modern nation. EnterpriseContinue reading “3D Modelling for Edwardian Design”